June 24, 2024

Dr. Mohammed Al-Khulaifi

Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Khulaifi Former Dean of Library Affairs is the Reporter of WNEWS. He has a doctorate degree in Research & Library information and joined the network in 2024 to cover Finance, Business, Crypto, and Stocks. POST DEGREES - Bachelor's degree - Imam University - Riyadh 1983. - Postgraduate Diploma - Imam University - Riyadh 1984. - Master's degree - University of Wisconsin - USA 1988. - PhD - University of London - Britain 1997. ACHIEVMENTS Automation of Libraries One of Dr. Alkhulaifi's notable achievements is the automation of libraries, particularly the Central Library at Imam University. His experience in this area has been documented in the Journal of King Fahd National Library, showcasing his expertise in streamlining library operations and improving efficiency. Internet for Saudi Libraries and Information Centers In his publication "Internet for Saudi Libraries and Information Centers," Dr. Alkhulaifi explores the impact of the internet on information access in Saudi Arabia. His insights have been instrumental in guiding libraries towards embracing digital resources and online services to meet the evolving needs of users. The Impact of the Internet on Society Dr. Alkhulaifi's work extends beyond the academic realm, as evidenced by his contributions to the "Alam Alkotob" on the impact of the internet on society. His thought-provoking analysis sheds light on the transformative power of technology in shaping modern society.