June 24, 2024


This blog explains various ways to earn Bitcoin for free. Most of these methods are easy to follow, but, as you know, Nothing is free in this world. Therefore, some of these steps require some effort.


  • Many platforms offer Bitcoin as a reward for completing specific tasks.
  • Coinbase Earn offers you the opportunity to learn about various cryptocurrencies and pays you a certain amount of coins of that specific cryptocurrency.
  • Many companies pay a high price for affiliate marketing.
  • You can easily earn profits by trading and use the profits to buy Bitcoin.
  • If you own Bitcoin, you can earn high interest rates by lending your Bitcoin to borrowers.
  • Airdrops are another thing that can help you earn Bitcoin for free.
  • Some platforms even offer Bitcoin as a reward for shopping on their partner platforms.
  • You can perform strange tasks online, such as filling out surveys.
  • Many gaming companies offer you Bitcoin to play their games.
  • You can start writing about cryptocurrencies as a blogger or crypto journalist, or work in crypto.

How to earn free Bitcoins?

Since Bitcoin is the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency, almost all of us would like to get it for free. There are many ways to earn Bitcoin for free. However, there is rarely a way to have peace of mind while Bitcoin accumulates in your account.

There are companies and shopping sites that offer free Bitcoins in various ways. However, most of them are achieved through affiliate marketing. The company offers these coins from its profits.

Some websites will assign you tasks and upon completion of these tasks, you will be rewarded with Bitcoins.

We’ve prepared a list of some of the best ways to earn Bitcoin for free. Let’s take a look.

Coinbase Earn

Coin library is one of the most diverse cryptocurrency trading platforms. It teaches different cryptocurrencies to beginners and provides you with a number of coins to trade after completing each course.

Earn Bitcoin for Free

Using Coinbase will increase your understanding of how many cryptocurrencies work. It will also help you accumulate different cryptocurrencies in your Coinbase wallet.

They teach you through cryptocurrency video lectures and test you through quizzes. After completing these tests, you will receive the cryptocurrencies in your wallet.

Some cryptocurrency tutorials provided by coinbase are as follows:

affiliate marketing

affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing

Trading platforms and other crypto products offer affiliate programs to their users. These platforms pay affiliate marketers to promote their platforms.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money as it provides you with Bitcoins or profits. Many different platforms offer services in this area.

Here are some suggestions for platforms that offer you the greatest benefit:

  • Bitsgap offers a crypto grid trading bot and offers one of the best crypto affiliate marketing programs with commissions up to 30%.To learn more, read our bit gap review.
  • Quadency is another trading robot provider that offers discounts of up to $200 per paying customer.read our Qualification review Learn more about the platform.
  • CryptoHopper pays one of the highest affiliate marketing commissions on the market. However, over time, they slightly reduced their spending.

You can also make money by getting other traders to sign up on trading platforms like Pionex. These platforms offer you a percentage of the profits earned by the traders you bring on the forum.


Copy trading allows you to earn free Bitcoins and helps you make a profit. Although you need to invest to earn profits, always remember that trading involves risks.

  • Binance: As the world’s largest trading platform, Binance is everyone’s safest and preferred trading platform.
  • Bybit is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency trading exchange offering up to 100x perpetual futures Leverage.read our bybit review Learn more about the platform.
  • Pionex is the world’s first cryptocurrency exchange equipped with trading bots to assist you in trading and earning profits.To learn more, read our Pionex Reviews.

Additionally, there are copy trading platforms that allow traders to build a following and make money by sharing their trading strategies. Expert traders benefit from the fees charged by copy traders. At the same time, copy traders make profits by copying expert traders.

However, in some cases, you may not be offered Bitcoin during a copy trade, but you may be able to purchase Bitcoin from the profits you earn.

Some of the best websites offering copy trading are as follows:

  • Ava-trade: They are one of the best forex trading platforms in the world. Their copy trading platform allows for instant copy trades.

Lending Bitcoin

Bitcoin Lending
Bitcoin Lending

If you already own some Bitcoin, you can sign up for a lending site. These sites pay you up to 15% annual interest on Bitcoin, which is credited to your account every week.

Some of the best loan websites are:

Earn Bitcoin through airdrops

Sometimes new cryptocurrency projects offer free coins to gain initial traction or increase public awareness.A notable example is Byteball or currently known as arcane tuple.

They distribute Byteball to Bitcoin owners for free. Bitcoin owners with large amounts of Bitcoin remain at the top of their priority list.

You can check these Airdrop here.


Shop and earn free Bitcoins

There are many online platforms, such as Lolli, where you can earn Bitcoin by shopping online. Lolli offers you a small amount of Bitcoin as cash back on every online purchase you make.


All you need to do is sign up for Lolli and add its chrome extension. You’ll earn rewards every time you shop from one of its 500+ partner stores.

Some of these platforms even offer you a debit card for online purchases. These cards are reloadable, and the more you shop with them, the more rewards you get.

Other platforms that offer this service are Foldapp and encrypted communications company.

Earn Bitcoin for Free

Accept Bitcoin as a means of payment

Accepting Bitcoin payments can help you transition to the economy of the future. Bitcoin guarantees you the value of your product and protects you from any fraud through your credit card.

One of the big reasons why customers prefer paying with Bitcoin is anonymity. Bitcoin transactions are sudo anonymous, protecting the identity of the payer.

By accepting Bitcoin, you save on transaction fees charged by banks.

Perform online tasks

Many platforms such as time money Bitcoins are provided in exchange for completing some tasks. These jobs may vary depending on the needs of the company.

Some of them may ask you to test their website, fill out their surveys, and perform many similar tasks. They pay you in Bitcoin for these tasks.

Play online games

Many online games offer free Bitcoins when you reach a certain level or complete certain tasks. You can easily earn free Bitcoins from these websites. These companies will pay you in Bitcoin; however, they will do this through various ads within the game.

Earn Bitcoin for Free

You can even join some online casinos where you can bid your money or Bitcoin and earn a profit. However, it involves risks of gambling.

Here is a list of the best games to earn Bitcoin:

cryptocurrency Work

There are content writers and bloggers like me who write about cryptocurrencies. Let’s say you have a keen interest in cryptocurrencies and a never-ending desire to learn. You can start your writing journey.

You can become a cryptocurrency journalist or blogger, depending on your preference. Sometimes, some websites offer writers the chance to revamp the entire site.

There are various jobs in the cryptocurrency space and you can join a cryptocurrency-related company and earn a Bitcoin salary.

They then pay these writers in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. There are also various websites that hire individuals for their various cryptocurrency or blockchain projects.

Some of these websites are as follows:

Cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs
Cryptocurrency and blockchain jobs

Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is another way to earn free Bitcoins. However, no matter how lucrative it sounds, Bitcoin mining is an expensive process and entirely dependent on hardware. This results in many miners working together and using mining pools.

Since mining is an expensive and time-consuming process, many people do not pursue Bitcoin mining. However, if you are interested in Bitcoin mining, here are some platforms where you can start your journey:

  • trade block: It is one of the most transparent mining pools and has been mining Bitcoin since 2011.
  • slush pool: This is the world’s first mining pool that has mined over 1.2 million BTC since its inception.
  • Bit Club Network: It provides Bitcoin trading and Bitcoin mining services.
  • bitmint: It was one of the oldest mining pools and recently had to shut down mining activities due to lack of miners.
Bitcoin mining
Bitcoin mining

Free Bitcoin Mining Software

Many companies also offer free Bitcoin mining software. Some software are:

  • CG mining machine: It is open source software and its code can be found on GitHub.
  • Bitcoin Mining Machine: Their goal is to make BTC mining accessible to everyone.
  • great miner: They provide maximum profits and are decisive for large-scale mining.
  • Simple miner: They provide an open source, extremely secure platform for cryptocurrency mining.

Without any investment, it is almost impossible to advance the Bitcoin mining process. Therefore, this is the least popular way to earn or buy Bitcoin unless you have the resources.


If you are new to cryptocurrency, never put your private keys on any website or app. And beware of services that promise you high returns and services that promote get-rich-quick schemes.

in conclusion

There are several ways to earn Bitcoin online for free. However, it is true that everything comes with a price and nothing is free. This is so because all of these methods will make you work in one way or another.

You can certainly choose some of these that require almost no effort. While these methods won’t bring you much in return, they will certainly kick-start your crypto journey.

frequently asked questions

What’s the best way to earn free Bitcoins?

The best way to earn free Bitcoins is to get a job with a cryptocurrency company or become a freelance worker and get paid in Bitcoins.

Is there no risk in getting Bitcoin for free?

Nothing in the crypto industry is without risk. However, there are undoubtedly specific ways to minimize the risks involved. For example, you can earn Bitcoin by shopping online or even completing some tasks.

Is Bitcoin mining illegal?

It depends on the country you live in. Mining Bitcoin is completely legal in the United States of America. Some countries have no laws regarding cryptocurrencies. Therefore they are neither legal nor illegal.


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